Forsaken Astronaut (Erkryss Cover)

from by Zeugen der Leere



Floating through this endless void
I feel all alone
All within me seems destroyed
All my fears are blown away

I am in space
I'm out of time
Where is the end
Where is the line
What is the meaning
Where is your god
Farewell, my distant pale blue dot

Voyager, be my guide
Buy me a trip to Antares tonight
Leave the sun and her slaves all behind
Write a letter to tell them they're blind

From this perspective, let me tell you
There are greater things ahead

Floating through this endless void
Life is still so precious
I can see a thounsand suns rise
Every single moment


from Seelenwanderer, released April 11, 2014
Music + lyrics by Erkryss




Zeugen der Leere Koblenz, Germany

Founded in Dec. 2009 as "Ruin of Remembrance".

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