Canis Majoris

from by Zeugen der Leere



Forgotten child
Of the universe
Who has taken your light
Once you shone so bright

Prayers in black
Loosing your live
Glorious days of pride
Led to oblivion

Forgotten child
Of the universe
We have taken your light
You shouldn't shine so bright

Driven by despair
Longing for vengeance
Seek us in endless night
Set our future alight

Wanderer in darkest night
You traveled on the longest trail
You beheld the star's brightest light
And escaped from the black hole's jail

Embraced by the claws of andromeda
You followed aeons of history
Once you danced with the devil's summoner
But still there continues life's victory

Cutting through the orion nebula
Head for the white light of sirius
Never looked back to a fallen dead star
It's still a long way to nowhere in endlessness

And if one day your destination is near
In the glistening shine of his mastery
Close your eyes and let your mind disappear
Ever remember creation's blazing gallery

Your journey's ending here, in darkest endless night
You knew your end is near, passing away in brightes light
One day you will return, call for your place in history
Your scorn and hate will burn, will bring us death and misery


from Seelenwanderer, released April 11, 2014




Zeugen der Leere Koblenz, Germany

Founded in Dec. 2009 as "Ruin of Remembrance".

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